• Success Stories

    • Dr. Al Sindi: Exceeding Expectations
      Jun 08, 2016
       The story of Dr. Al Sindi is a remarkable narrative of perseverance, support and recovery. His wife, Dr. Eman, shared it with us on the day before her husband was to be... Read More
    • Virginia: Daily Rehab Leads to a Successful Recovery
      Mar 22, 2016
      Virginia came to Kindred Chicago Lakeshore with wonderful family support to motivate and encourage her during her stay. She participated in our daily ventilation gym... Read More
    • Jennifer: Dancing to Her Own Music
      Aug 20, 2015
      Jennifer came to Kindred Lakeshore with a recent history of acute myocardial infarction, infected surgical wound, and overall deconditioned physical status. She participated... Read More
    • Donna: Overcoming One Victory at a Time
      Aug 20, 2015
      Donna came to Kindred Lakeshore with a recent history of respiratory failure, CHF, DM, and COPD. When she arrived here, she was on full vent support, minimally responsive.... Read More
    • Mrs. M: Always Improving her Overall Strength
      Aug 20, 2015
      Mrs. M came to Kindred Lakeshore with a history of Respiratory failure, COPD, sleep apnea, hypertensive cardiovascular disease and in overall deconditioned physical status.... Read More
    • Donna: Road to Recovery
      Aug 20, 2015
      Donna came to Kindred Lakeshore with a history of respiratory failure, schizophrenia, tracheal stenosis, and overall  physically deconditioned status. She participated in our... Read More
    • Sarah: Dancing Her Way to Prom
      Aug 20, 2015
      Sarah's teenage life was put on hold after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident in December 2014, which left her with multiple injuries including pelvic, humorous, &... Read More
    • Mr. D: Motivation Pays Off
      Aug 20, 2015
      Mr. D saw the light at the end of the tunnel when he first arrived here.  Coming from an acute care hospital, he needed our help to become medically stable and physically... Read More
    • Mrs. C: Communicating with Staff and Family
      Aug 20, 2015
      Mrs. C came to Kindred Lakeshore with a recent history of respiratory failure requiring trach, COPD, & PEG placement.  When she first arrived here, she was restless and... Read More
    • Carol: Back Home with Her Independence
      Aug 20, 2015
      Carol came to Kindred Lakeshore with a recent history of acute respiratory failure requiring trach tube, small bowel obstruction, recently placed PEG tube for nutritional... Read More
    • Myra: Motivated to Regain Independence
      Aug 17, 2015
      Myra came to Kindred Lakeshore with a history of chronic respiratory failure requiring trach tube, diabetes, asthma, PEG tube for nutritional needs, and overall... Read More
    • Debra: Exceeding Goals for a Better Life
      Aug 18, 2014
      At 37, Debra had already been through a number of medical issues. She suffered from seizure disorder, mental retardation and had meningitis as a child. She was unable to care... Read More
    • Gerald: Healing Wounds, Starting Over
      Aug 18, 2014
      Gerald describes himself as a “true Chicagoan, through and through.” An avid biker, he frequented the bike path on Lake Michigan during his rides. Within the span of a year,... Read More
    • Jeanne: Former Vent Patient Helping Others
      Aug 18, 2014
      Jeanne, 65, thought nothing of it when she caught a cold that had been circulating around her family. But while everyone else got better, Jeanne’s cold got worse. As her... Read More
    • Onet: Vent-free Through Continued Care
      Aug 18, 2014
      During a routine eye exam, 73-year-old Onet began to have chest pains. Three years prior he had suffered a stroke, so he was immediately admitted to a local hospital where... Read More
    • Rochelle: Restoring Independence and Hope
      Aug 18, 2014
      To help with her weight loss efforts, 47-year-old Rochelle turned to gastric banding surgery. Following the surgery, she returned to the hospital suffering from nausea,... Read More
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